Losing A Friend and Listening To A Friend

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I got a phone call Friday morning. I didn’t want to answer it because I had a feeling I knew what my friend on the other line was going to say. It was confirmed when I got a text just a few seconds after it went to voicemail. My dear friend, Box, had passed. The […]

A Cough, A Mic, and A Little Bit of Magic

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I have a pretty bad memory. I know that’s funny coming from a professional musician who’s life revolves around remembering lyrics and chords, but it’s very true. I have never been one to fully, correctly remember memories. Normally, I’ll forget a thing or two, or just not remember it at all. Yet, I remember the […]

Getting Trapped In Canada

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It was just recently that I had the honor of joining Carbon Leaf on tour. We went to New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, and I even got to go to Canada! I had never played out of the United States so this was a big deal. This made me an international act. Getting into Canada was […]