“Katie’s music lifts her fans up and makes

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“She’s a master of her craft.” – Allen Foster, AXS

“It’s a slow and comforting stroll through the pages of youth, and the book of human experience.” – PASTE

“Katie is one of the most confident, uplifting singers around.” – Out of the Woodwork



From touring with Jump! Little Children, to opening for Howie Day, Katie Rose has the experience and drive to entertain. As Out of the Woodwork put it, “a collection of nerdy feel-good music that lets your mind wander.” At 17 years old, Rose released her first ever album and now at 19, has released a LIVE album for the whole world to experience. With relatable songs, witty sense of humor, and a unique personality, Katie Rose is sure to impress.

Katie Rose’s music has been described as whimsical, heartfelt, and truthful. Songs about female empowerment, self love, and the want to prove yourself, will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

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